Garage Sale Permit

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Temporary Sales, Yard Sales, Garage Sales

The City permits reasonable use of residential property for yard sales or garage sales. This ordinance establishes the limits for such sales, prevents excessive number of sales at any one property. When conducted with concern for neighborhood appearance, yard sales or garage sales should cause no detrimental effect in a neighborhood's residential quality. A fee of $5.00 is charged for this permit however, if you submit the application online the permit is free of charge. The sale of personal property in any residential zones may be conducted provided that all the following conditions are met: items offered for sale for profit shall be limited to personal property not acquired for resale, owned by the applicant who shall be resident of the dwelling where the sale is to be conducted. Personal property from several donors may be sold if a non-profit organization joins in the application and states that it will receive the entire net proceeds of the sale. One on-site sign, not to exceed 4 square feet, shall be permitted during such sale. A maximum of three additional signs are permitted in the general area of the sale. Sales are limited to 4 per year. Please note that your permit is not valid until you receive final approval from the City of Crandall. Be advised that by submitting this document you will be acknowledging that you will abide by the rules and regulation set by the City of Crandall regarding Temporary Sales.

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Please note permit that is issued will expire three days after stated sale dates.
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