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Posted on: March 17, 2020

Message from the Mayor

As your Mayor, I want to first assure you that together with the City Council, City staff and Crandall ISD Staff we are working in conjunction with Kaufman County, State and Federal partners to form protocols to best formulate how to address the challenges associated with COVID-19, also known as the CORONA VIRUS.

You should know that every precaution is being made to ensure that we are prepared for the challenges moving forward. This is why the city made the difficult decision to cancel the City Council Meeting. This decision was made in the best interests of the public health and safety of the citizens of Crandall and to follow the meeting guidelines setout by the Center for Disease Control.

We ask that you please follow the CDC recommendations as we are trying to stay ahead of the problem. Right now, our service is geared to be vigilant in preventing a problem that has not touched us yet. As of today, there are no cases of COVID 19 in Kaufman County. That may change but I can assure you that your police, your fire department and your whole city staff are keenly aware and working hard to follow all the necessary protocols. As I look at the deaths that first brought COVID 19 to attention in America: a hard hit and unprepared nursing home in Washington State. Here in Crandall, we are setting out a program that will offer assistance to Senior Citizens or Citizens that are disabled and may need help sch as errands, grocery shopping or going to the Pharmacy.

We will proceed with great caution and care to protect those most at risk. We will have information specific to Crandall posted on the City’s Facebook Page. The City will begin to implement and test certain protocols in an abundance of caution as we must act in the best interest of our citizens. Our goal is to have ourselves in the best possible position to provide you with police, fire and emergency services.

With your help and prayers we will endure together the challenges associated with COVID 19. Please help by continuing to limit large gatherings, exercising social distancing and washing your hands for 20 seconds. These are all habits we should implement everyday to help combat COVID 19.

We must remain calm and come together as a community to deal with the impact it is having on our supply of goods as it relates to retail and grocery stores. Be mindful that all our citizens need supplies and we should purchase only what we need and not engage in panic purchasing.

In closing, Crandall is a great Community and we will be able to overcome this with cooperation from everyone. Help one another when you can but beware of the safety precautions that you must take to keep your family and neighbors safe. Thank you. Your Mayor, Danny Kirbie.

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