Planning & Development

Planning & Development Department
The Planning Division of the Planning and Development Department provides the following services:
  • Comprehensive development review and project application management
  • Comprehensive, long-range, and strategic planning
  • Small area neighborhood and sector planning
  • Planning-related data management and research
  • Coordination with building inspections
  • Annexation administration
  • Professional and administrative support for public boards and commissions
Development Review Services
Coordinates projects through the development processes for the City of Crandall including zoning, platting, and variances.

Comprehensive Planning Services
Conducts long and short range planning projects, coordinates annexations, updates and maintains the Crandall Comprehensive Plan, conducts small area plans, and provides research into historical and future development patterns of the city of Crandall.

For general planning questions or more information please contact Jana Shelton, City Secretary at 972-427-3771 or by email.