1. City Manager

    Read about the position of city manager.

  2. City Secretary

  3. Administrative Services

    View information about the Administrative Department.

  4. Police Department

    Learn about the Police Department.

  5. Public Works

    Look through the information available about the Public Works Department.

  6. Code Enforcement

  7. Human Resources

    Look at the information available about the Human Resources Department.

  8. Building Inspections

    Access information about building inspections.

  9. Finance

    Read about the Finance Department.

  10. Municipal Court

    Look through information about the Municipal Court of Crandall.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    View programs, facility, parks, and activities that are offered by the City City Parks and Recreation Department.

  12. Zoning

    View information about the Zoning Department.

  13. Fire Department

    Research the Crandall Fire Department.